Agree 110% except for ChatGPT!

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Reading this post made me feel like I just went to the cinema, and the film that played was an eerily close rendition of my life.

750% agree with everything you’ve said in here, Dan.

My vaguely adjacent journey into something similar recently was plant care apps. I downloaded 7 of them. They were all the same. And they were all bad. Instead of helping me keep on top of my plant care, they essentially just wanted me to build little plant databases, and make plant care *seem* easy and fun. But they’re only adding an unnecessary layer of what I’m going to call “info games” - just playing around with information, putting it into a different format with no real meaningful net improvement. And the one issue I wanted to diagnose with one of my plants was diagnosed incorrectly anyway.

So I deleted them all, surprised that they cost so variably - anywhere from £25 to £100+ per year. And went back to the last (unfortunately dying) vestige of free, helpful human knowledge that has no ulterior motive - Reddit. (Or, at least, some parts of it.)

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